Greeting from CEO

Hello. My name is MAKI KORETOMO, CEO of Fermented Foods Everyday association.
Thank you for visiting our website.

Recently, under the influence of health boom and COVID-19, words like fermentation, healthy gut, or immune strength are hot topics. Actually fermentation delivers a lot of health effects.

However, I think it will not last long only for a reason to be good for health. Fermented foods are delicious, and the life adopting fermentation is easy to get started and enjoyable.

And furthermore, fermented foods look beautiful as well. Fermented foods are not always brownish. I would like to expand “delicious, easy, enjoyable, and beautiful” fermented foods which meets the lifestyle of modern people. In such thought, I established this association on August 5th 2015 (the day of HACHI (8) GO (5): HA KKO : fermentation in Japanese).

Also there is a big reason why I established this association.

I obtained many certifications not only for fermentation while I have been engaging in the work of foods more than 20 years. I thought I could expand the range of my work and my areas of activities only if I took certifications, but real life is not that easy. The certification which I spent money and acquired will end up with simple self-satisfaction.

Then, what should I do to make use of the certifications properly?
Based on my own experience for long time, I established this association in order to provide learnings to be able to make use of, and the place that people can play an active part by utilizing the learnings. Playing an active part does not necessarily mean work.

“Utilize in daily life” “Utilize knowledge for family” “Utilize for own health” etc. We propose how to enjoy fermentation life via leaning the knowledge as own thing and utilizing it accordingly.

Enjoy! Learn! Be active in Fermentation!

I think that I would like to enjoy fruitful fermentation life via making “new fermentation life” which meets the needs of modern people with everyone. Thank you.



  • Founder and CEO of “Fermented Foods Every Day Association”
  • CEO of Food Mining Co.Ltd.
  • Cooking Specialist of fermented and sea food dishes
  • Food Coordinator
  • Advisor for the branding of local specialty products across Japan


  • Chef License
  • Fermentation Life Advisor PRO.
  • Advisor of Health and Dietary Education, certified by The Ministry of Education

After graduating from university, MAKI first worked at FUJITSU. A few years later resigned and started working at a famed SUSHI restaurant “GINZA SUSHIMOTO” where she learned basics of Japanese cuisine and culinary preparation focusing on seafood.
While working at SUSHIMOTO, she got interested in the fermentation and found out that there was no ways to learn fermentation systematically besides professional college. So she began learning about fermentation and developed original workshop.

At the same time, she opened her own cooking school “Ristorante Wagaya”, which became so popular that is was difficult to make reservation with more than 3,000 students.
Then, she founded “Fermented Foods Everyday Association” in which more than 2,500 members are joining all over Japan. She develops and conducts various workshops, fermentation tours, new products development etc. via utilizing her connection with many breweries across Japan.

She also opened fermented foods restaurant “Nippon No Hitosara” in Tokyo, which also became very popular (unfortunately it was closed due to COVID-19).
She published several books about fermented foods, and often appears on TV programs, radio show, magazine etc.
She was interviewed by NOMA chefs who came to TOKYO, for information exchange about fermentation.
She also appeared on BBC program in which she taught fermentation and how to make MISO to principal actors.


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