What we aim for

Foundational principle

Care for Myself, Care for People, Care for Foods, Care for Microorganism, Care for Earth.

◇Care for Myself
We cheer for women to shine lively, who unconsciously get obsessed for someone; family, lover, children.
◇Care for People
Delicious foods can be served on table thanks to many people’s support; farmers, fishermen, breweries who produce fermented foods, persons who cook, persons who eat with. Colleagues to learn and enjoy together are also important in the life.
◇Care for Foods
Eating is living. We pursue the ideal way of eating, not only for filling stomach or obtaining nourishment.
◇Care for Microorganism
Microorganisms which are absolutely necessary for fermented foods. We enjoy the great benefits from unseen small creatures. We propose the lifestyle to care microorganisms, not elimination nor sterilization.
◇Care for Earth
Foods, Water, Air. Earth brings everything for us. To enjoy health life, approaches to keep global environment is essential.

The future when it wants to come true

I will be more beautiful after 10 years with fermentation.

Fermented Foods Everyday association aim for “Fermentation life to stay health and vernal while balancing life and work by association’s members”.

Women who are busy everyday for work, life, childcare, household cares. Meanwhile delicious foods and alcohols provides daily happiness to our lives.

“Fermentation Life” is the strong ally to make delicious and health foods without taking time or looking at recipes. Fermentation life is simple yet rich, healthy yet delicious, via taking traditional fermented foods all over Japan. Let’s enjoy our own way of life via taking the tradition and wisdom of fermentation, and finding comfortable exciting pressures.

Whom to compare with is not others but myself.

By continuing fermentation life, we will realize “I will be more beautiful after 10 years with fermentation” with more delicious, more beautiful, more enjoyable, and more calmful hearts.

Our Mission

More excitement to life with fermentation!

The secret to stay healthy and vernal every day is “to be excited”.
We will deliver “Excitement of the deliciousness” “Excitement of being healthy” “Excitement of learning” and “Excitement of connecting with colleagues and breweries” via learning fermentation and integrating fermentation with daily life.

We will support to increase your excitement in your life via fermentation and shine your life more.

Four excitements which fermentation produces


1. Excitement of deliciousness
Fermentation is that microorganisms work good for human beings. Like soy beans becomes MISO, rice becomes SAKE, foods become more delicious via fermentation. Even if you do not make fermented foods from the beginning, using SHIO KOJI or AMAZAKE will raise the level of your dishes.
2. Excitement of being healthy
There are many good things in beauty and health via taking fermented foods and improving intestinal environments. For example, your make-up in the morning works well, your constipation which your suffered from long time is improved, or you lose weight without rebound. You can be healthy while eating with gusto.
3. Excitement of learning
If you learn the detailed production technique, characteristics, mechanism of fermentation, you will be able to expand the usage of fermented foods or fermented seasonings which you kind of use everyday. Without using specialized cooking technique, you can instantly increase cooking repertoire.
4. Excitement of being connected
Connection with the colleagues who learn fermentation together, pleasure to increase “identifiable fermented seasonings” via knowing breweries, gratitude toward microorganisms and earth. These connections make our lives wealthier.


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