Japanese Fermented Foods Workshops

We will provide Japanese Fermented Foods workshops in which you can learn and eat delicious fermented foods with fun! On-line archive workshops allow you to learn anytime you want at your convenient place as many times as you like.

Besides following on-line archive workshops, we can make and arrange customized workshop including face-to-face depending on you needs. Please contact us:Contact Form (google.com)

MISO making workshop (on-line archive)

Do you have MISO in your refrigerator? What kinds of MISO dishes have you eaten?
MISO is the very basic fermented foods in Japan more than hundreds of years, and contribute a lot to rich Japanese cuisine and also health. In Japan there is a word “TEMAE MISO (Hand Front MISO)” which means the MISO we make by ourselves and are proud of.
Via taking this workshop, you will be able to make MISO by yourself at home easily and enjoy in daily diets!

This workshop is done in Japanese with English subtitle.

  • What is MISO?
  • History of MISO
  • Effect & Efficacy of MISO
  • How to make MISO; easiest way in Japan
  • How to utilize MISO in daily diet
MAKI KORETOMO : CEO of Fermented Foods Everyday Association
About 1 hours
English text can be downloaded
3,300 yen (tax included/credit card only)
  • This workshop can be viewed as many times as you like
  • Ingredients to make MISO (soybeans, KOJI, salt) should be prepared by yourself
  • This workshop can not be cancelled after payment
  • After payment, URL for video viewing and text downloading will be sent via e-mail.
  • Both video and text of this workshop should be only for your personal usage.


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